Cornetti Croccanti Christmas Tree Nutty 100 g

A wafer in coating filled with nut cream decorated with coconut flakes. This unique cookie, shaped like a Christmas tree is perfect as a gift or a sweet addition to your holiday menu.

Cornetti Croccanti Toffee 112 g

A wafer in coating filled with caramel-flavored cream and decorated with peanuts. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the classic combination of caramel and nuts in a modern rendition.

Cornetti Croccanti Nutty 112 g

A coated wafer with peanut filling decorated with peanuts. Harmonious blend of textures and tastes that makes it a premium indulgence.

Cornetti Croccanti Coconut 112 g

Coated wafer filled with coconut cream and decorated with coconut flakes. Perfect for those with a penchant for exotic flavors, this cookie is a sweet escape in every bite.

Piccola Croccante Nutty 90 g

Coated wafer ball filled with nut cream, lightly covered with dark coconut flakes. A dance of textures and flavors, it’s a bite-sized delight designed to mesmerize your taste buds!

Piccola Croccante Coconut 90 g

Coated wafer ball filled with coconut cream, lightly covered with coconut flakes. A tropical treat that’s a textured temptation in every bite!

Fruit Bayabongo

Wafer with marshmallow and fruit flavored jelly. Perfect treat for those who love a playful and deliciously unique cookie experience.