Toffee eclairs

Sponge cookie with foam, apricot filling and toffee glaze. Amazing experiences guaranteed.  

Fruit snowflakes

Cookies covered with coconut flakes like snow. With fruit jelly and foam, an unforgettable combination for the palate.

Cream eclairs

Sponge cookie with foam and marmalade decorated with glaze. Amazing experiences guaranteed.

Crowns mix

Shortbread cookies with apricot filling, decorated with powdered sugar. It won’t end with one!

Puff pastry straw

The most delicious puffs you can imagine. The steamed dough is perfect and very light.

Butter cone

A shortbread cookie with a subtle, buttery flavor. You will not be able to resist it.

Decorated dark cone

A shortcake cookie decorated with a dark glaze with a delicate flavour. Let yourself be tempted by a little sweetness.

Fruit edelweiss

A shortbread cookie filled with marmalade. Delicate taste closed in a small sweetness.

Nut bar

Wafer with a creamy chocolate-nut filling, decorated with peanuts. Let yourself be tempted.

Toffee cake

Delicate wafer filled with toffee cream, decorated with peanuts and tasty glaze. A treat not only for gourmands.

Peanut cake

Delicate wafer filled with chocolate and nut cream, decorated with glaze and peanuts.

Nut cupcakes

A tasty cupcake made of shortbread dough, filled with chocolate-nut cream, decorated with peanuts, dipped in glaze.

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