Fruit Bayabongo

Wafer with marshmallow and fruit flavored jelly. Perfect treat for those who love a playful and deliciously unique cookie experience.  

Decorated Dark Cone

Shortbread cookie decorated with confectionery glaze. A timeless treat that melds simplicity and sophistication in every bite.

Nut Bar

Wafer with nut cream and toffee flavored cream decorated with peanuts. A harmonious blend where smooth meets crunch, delivering a delectable experience with every nibble.

Toffee Cake

A delicate wafer filled with toffee-flavored cream, decorated with peanuts and a tasty glaze. A sweet symphony of flavors and textures, beckoning you to enjoy bite after delightful bite.

Peanut Cake

Wafer with nutty cream, decorated with peanuts and coating. A celebration of simple ingredients coming together to create a simply extraordinary cookie.

Advocat Rolls

Coated wafer roll filled with advocat flavored cream. A sophisticated indulgence that’s irresistibly smooth and delightful with every bite.

Toffee Rolls with Peanuts

Coated wafer rolls filled with toffee flavored cream and decorated with peanuts. A delightful fusion where sweetness meets nutty, bite after splendid bite.

Toffee Danube Waves

Wafer with marshmallow and butterscotch filling. A savory journey that promises profound delight in every bite.

Strawberry Yummies

Wafer with marshmallow and strawberry flavored jelly. A trifecta of textures and tastes, offering a delightful dance of sweetness in every bite.