Peanut cake

Delicate wafer filled with chocolate and nut cream, decorated with glaze and peanuts 220 g.

Creamy daisies

Shortbread cookies with cream-flavored cream, apricot filling in a light glaze. This combination guarantees the success of 250g.

Dessert bodies

Brittle sweet cupcakes bodies. Your inspiration for a sweet snack 310g.

Salad bodies

Brittle shells of salty cupcakes. Your inspiration for a salty snack 310g.

Coni croccante advocat

A crispy wafer filled with an advocate-flavored cream filling and a glaze. Always on hand 130 g.

Coni croccante vanilla

A crispy wafer filled with a creamy vanilla-flavored filling and glaze. Always on hand 130 g.

Toffee cake

A delicate wafer filled with toffee-flavored cream, decorated with peanuts and a tasty glaze. A treat not only for gourmands 220 g.

Toffi cones

Wafer filled with toffee-flavored cream and dark, tasty glaze. A delicacy for real gourmets 180 g.

Caramel delicacy

A cookie in which you can clearly feel the hint of gingerbread. Filled with foam, butterscotch filling, all decorated with glaze. Get your day off to a good start with 220 g.

Fruit snowflakes lux

Cookies wrapped like snow, with coconut shavings. With fruit jelly and foam, an unforgettable combination of 240g for the palate

Marble cookies lux

Fluffy sponge cake with delicate foam and filling. They are certainly hard to resist! 260g

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