Marble cookies 450g

Fluffy sponge cake with delicate foam and a fruit-flavored filling. Cookies covered with tasty glaze. Cookies gently caress the palate of every gourmand!

Mini mix 350g

Mini mix is ​​a mix of cookies that meets the taste of the most demanding gourmets. 350g

Peanut shell 300g

Crispy wafer filled with cream with an intense chocolate-nut flavor, covered with glaze, delicately dipped in peanuts

Coconut shell 300g

A crispy wafer filled with coconut cream in a coating, delicately dipped in coconut shavings. It will satisfy every gourmet.

Toffee eclairs 300g

Sponge cookie with foam, apricot filling and toffee glaze. Amazing experiences guaranteed.  

Cream eclairs 300g

Sponge cookie with foam and marmalade decorated with glaze. Amazing experiences guaranteed.

Decorated dark neck 340g

Shortbread cake decorated with a dark glaze with a delicate flavor. Let yourself be tempted by a little sweetness.

Toffi cones 250g

Wafer filled with toffee-flavored cream and dark, tasty glaze. A delicacy for real gourmets 250 g.

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