Toffee cake

Delicate wafer filled with toffee cream, decorated with peanuts and tasty glaze. A treat not only for gourmands.

Peanut cake

Delicate wafer filled with chocolate and nut cream, decorated with glaze and peanuts.

Nut wafer roll with toffee

Wafer tube filled with toffee-flavoured cream, covered in nuts and glaze. Let yourself be carried away by the sweet pleasure.

Advocaat wafer roll

A waffle roll filled to the brim with an advocaat cream. Its unique taste is emphasized by a delicate glaze. A real heaven in your mouth.

Coconut pralines

Waffle ball with coconut cream, coated in glaze, delicately covered with coconut flakes. It caresses the palate of every foodie.

Nut pralines

Wafer ball with cream with an intense chocolate-nut flavour, immersed in the glaze and dipped in peanuts. A little break for gourmands.

Toffee Danube Waves

Wafer with soft foam and filling with an extremely distinctive toffee flavour. Allow yourself a moment of pleasure.

Strawberry yummies

Strawberry jelly wafer complemented with a delicate foam. Strawberry delight closed in one piece.

Fruit bayabongo

Crispy wafer filled with fluffy foam and tempting, fruity jelly.

LUX coconut pralines

Wafer balls stuffed with coconut cream, covered with a distinctive coconut glaze. Coated in coconut flakes, thanks to which their taste is even more perfect.