WE OFFER PACKAGED COOKIES FROM 120G – TO 400G, cookies packed in collective packages.


A cookie with a distinct gingerbread flavour. Filled with foam, marmalade, all glazed. It tastes best with coffee 250g.

Strawberry foams

Strawberry jelly wafer complemented with a delicate foam. Strawberry delight closed in one piece 220g.

Cream eclairs

Sponge cookie with foam and marmalade decorated with glaze. Amazing experiences guaranteed 200g.

Toffee eclairs

Sponge cookie with foam, apricot filling and toffee glaze. Amazing experiences guaranteed 200g.

Cream daisies

Shortbread cookies with cream-flavoured cream, apricot filling in a light glaze. This combination guarantees success 250g.

Chocolate-nut daisies

Shortbread cookies with a chocolate-nut-flavoured cream, apricot filling in a chocolate-flavoured coating. This combination guarantees success 250g.

Toffee daisies

Shortbread cookies with a toffee-flavoured cream, apricot filling in a caramel-flavoured glaze. This combination guarantees success 250g.

Butter cone

A shortbread cookie with a subtle, buttery flavor. You will not be able to resist it 200g.

Fruit snowflakes

Cookies covered with coconut flakes like snow. With fruit jelly and foam, an unforgettable combination for the palate 200g.

Blueberry yummies

Sponge cake with foam and blueberry filling, decorated with tasty chopsticks 200g.

Danube waves

Wafer with soft foam and filling with an extremely distinctive toffee flavour. Allow yourself a moment of pleasure 200g.


A crispy wafer with fluffy foam and fruit-flavoured jelly. A light snack for sweetness lovers 220g.

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